The Ultimate Dimension Sangha Meeting Part 1


Embracing Unpleasant Feelings

By Brother Phap Linh

This short guide meditation helps you embrace unpleasant feelings. “Hello, my anger.

  • Hello, my frustration.
  • Hello, my anxiety.
  • I’m going to take good care of you.”
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Dharma Talk

Bringing the Ultimate Dimension Down to Earth

From The Way Out Is In Podcast

Part 1 is 0:00 – 29.28 min.

In this episode, the presenters, Zen Buddhist monk Brother Phap Huu and journalist Jo Confino, are joined by a returning guest, Zen Buddhist monk Brother Phap Linh (Brother Spirit) – who is also the composer of the podcast’s theme music. Together, they talk about how to stay centered in difficult and dark times by looking at a particular deep teaching within Buddhist philosophy: the two dimensions – the ultimate dimension and the historical dimension – and helping us to meaningfully integrate them into the present day. They further explore how feelings of grief and joy don’t have to be in conflict with each other; challenges to touching the ultimate dimensions, and (finally) touching the ultimate peace and freedom; the terror of nothingness; true presence; letting go of the four notions (of self, man/human, living beings, and lifespan); cultivating good energies; how the ultimate transforms the historical – and more!

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