Reciting The 5 Mindfulness Trainings

We recite on Zoom only the 5 Mindfulness Trainings on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 6 am – 6:30 am. Anyone is free to join us 

The Five Mindfulness Trainings have their root in the Five Precepts offered by the Buddha. They have been expanded and updated so that they represent a way to bring mindfulness into every area of life. Rather than hard and fast rules, they offer us a path to cultivate and develop actions of body, speech and mind that can create a more healthy and compassionate world.

The Five Mindfulness Trainings are one of the most concrete ways to practice mindfulness. They are nonsectarian, and their nature is universal. They are true practices of compassion and understanding. All spiritual traditions have their equivalent to the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

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Cahaba River Sangha 5 Mindfulness Trainings Slide Deck